Powerless Humans

The first conscious breath you take when you wake
The first light you see when your eyes open
You know not how this came to be.

Everyday is the same routine, waking to pursue something.
And in your bid to achieve success, you forget how you came to be.

Now the day is done, and you lay to rest,
But not before you ponder on tomorrow’s hustle
You forget, tomorrow has plans of its own.

When peace comes riding gracefully on sleep’s back
Hoping on the Grace of The Higher Power
Unaware and unsure of what tomorrow holds
You unconsciously drift into tranquility.

Do not be deceived you have no power of your own
Just let the Divine take charge and make the change.

A Tale Of A Lonely Kitten 

“all that glitters isn’t gold”, outdated this saying might be, it’s meaning will never grow old. 

Come, let me tell you a tale once known, a modernized tale of a simple girl with greedy eyes chasing shiny objects because “the box” said so.  Forgetting values -so easily- on hard core lines leading down to rockets of passion. Come let me tell you this story of lust and love, of Beauty and the Sexy Beast, a classic tale of “LA Belle” but with a twist. 

Drawn into a trance by lust’s irresistible fragrance, Beauty trails it’s scent into the den of a lonely wolf “LA Beaste”,but Mr Wolf was not your regular beast. He traded his horns for really good hair and his tail found its way forward, an enchanting smile that captures your heart and eyes that hypnotise with just a twinkle. 

So, Beauty blinded by the mist catwalks into a dinner party where she was the main course. O LA Belle, a beauty both within and without “lust is dangerous”, this you took too lightly.

Lost in a lustful embrace, she builds empires on sinking sand, on a damaged chisel she tried to paint her dreams. 

Lost in his mystery she gave him all, everything in her and everything she was she relinquished, not minding the pain and the hickeys she gave in and let him in. But she knew, she knew who he was and what he wanted, nights of passion with no kisses. Yet she cared not of his lustful end and desire but of his soul yearning to be loved.

#photography is #life

ūüĎÜWhat do you think is going on here? “Wetin e dey yarn dem wey e kack like that so”. 

Yes, it’s moments like this captured and frozen in time that makes me love #photography. Making #stories, holding time still in a frame and having precious #memories to reminisce. This is why #photography is #life for me. 

Que sera sera “what will be will be”

Scattered meaningful thoughts 

Scrambled ideas of self lost in between time 

The past and the present struggle to create a future

Scattered meaningful thoughts, many ideas and opinions of self

The truth,  the lies, the mabies, all meaningless outside the box, foreign and queer  to ordinary eyes

A caterpillar ready and willing to evolve, can not be hindered 
Even if it blooms late,  bottom line is “que sera sera”


‚ÄčI took flight to safety with my Jordans on

Cos these enemies been chasing since I was young

I looked to my creator rather than presume

So these haughty eyes do not consume 
Archangel Michael heard my call

And gave me his guards in the hallway

When their chariots of darkness came charging 

Everyone at his command to my aid did he send
I struck no deal with beetle juice and his crew

I got the pixle dust of the omnipotent dew

I fly higher than any danger 

Staying above every principality and power

Don’t bother you can’t reach me

Cos this black halo is on a roll to greatness


My City 

‚ÄčThe city that never sleeps 

Midnight cheers, 

Yellow flashing lights

A magnificent night life

24 hours round the clock wake keeping

Change readily available 

No rush, everyone is accountable
A city that never sleeps

A city that always gives

A land for no man, a city for everyone

Creativity at its peak

No rush,  everyone has a piece
Round the clock entertainment 

Round the clock survival 

Round the clock mission in a city that never sleeps

Change readily available 

No rush,  everyone is accountable 

In the city that never sleeps. 

Whatever You Want It To Be

‚ÄčTic toc….tic toc….tic toc

I sit counting the hours 

Hours I wait for a change

A turn around

A reason for this parade

I wonder sometimes 

Why I let them get that far

No I am not playing the victim

I am having a conversation in my head

And yes I am scolding myself

Strange, foolish call it whatever you might

But remember you are the only one who knows you
Skip a beat, wait what am I saying

It is easier said than done, yes it is

You know just what to do, you tell yourself time and time again

You pay attention to those self help books you happen to stumble upon 

One midsummer day with nothing productive to do

But guess what, it is easier said than done
I know,  I know what you are going to say we tried before,  and we got boxed in,  slaughtered and served our own flesh

Worse still by our own brothers. 

But if we do not try one more time what becomes of our future

Our children’s future

Or don’t we ever think of that
Well no matter the excuses, we know exactly what to do

Make a move, take a stand 

After all it’s mine,  it’s yours,and its our future. 


As I watched him play tennis,
I imagined walking up to him saying
“I know if I let you, you will fuck me up mentally and I will let you’

Dressed in all black. (oh how black singlets appeal to me)..
Playing that tennis so good….
Not that i know much about it

I think he knows..
And I’m already in the mind fucking game…


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The Weekend

Something pm and shisha-ing
Sunday nights and staggering
Monday morning management meetings
Nothing remembered hung-overing

Lunch dates and sunshades
Closing deals and eating late
Paper work and night garments
No regrets, a little lament.

By Thalia…

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